Crowd Supporters (Mikee&DJ Ucho) are one of the best worldwide, entertainment artists for sport and events. They produce events, and/or perform on them.


They work together since 2005y, but they’ve established Crowd Supporters in 2012y.


Productions created and realized by Crowd Supporters, has international character and unique style.
Crowd Supporters hits, from which Mikee&DJ Ucho are known, are supplemented by programme and attractions dedicated for concrete event.


They have worked for:

– The biggest WinterSport event in the history of sports, and biggest sports event in the history of Russia, Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

– One of the oldest, most prestigious, and popular sports event in Germany, 4 Hills Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, on which Olympic Winter Games in 1936 were held.

– Biggest WinterSport event in Italy, FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Fiemme.

– Biggest BeachSports event in Poland, FIVB Beach Volleyball World Champioships in Mazury 2013

– Many World Cup events, including Zakopane Ski Jumping World Cup, and Predazzo Ski Jumping World Cup

They produce events in cooperation with Crowd Supporters Academy, assembled of DJ’s, speakers and animators.

Beside organization of entertainment and production of events, Crowd Supporters are active in music production.


In 2013y, Crowd Supporters launched their first music album “FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships Masuria 2013” hits compilation. You could find there international songs, f.e. John Travolta, Broiler, Rob Roy, Balli di Gruppo or Polish artists such as Video, Stauros, Adry, DBomb, or B-QLL.
Beside selected by CS tracks, incl. Crowd Supporters hits, “Mazury Hej!” – the first CS own track appeared.

They are planning to realase new single in December 2014. 


When you click PROJECTS, you can check the biggest events created by CS. When you click HITS, you can feel a piece of atmosphere, emotions and possibilities, which Crowd Supporters created with audience on event.




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