HoppFest Mekka was inspired by an article titled ‘Hopp Sportens Mekka,’ which appeared in one of the most popular newspapers in Norway – Dag Bladet. Editor Tore Urlik Bratland describes the phenomenon of Zakopane, calling the Zakopane event – the Mecca of HoppSportens – meaning ski jumping sport. Since Lillehammer has a wonderful location, exceptional history, and enormous event potential, it meets all the criteria to become the HoppFest Mekka, which delights and entertains all participants with sports and entertainment, providing additional artistic impressions and wonderful memories, including unique lights show.

“We are very excited about the Spacedance in Norway. After all, it’s a hit by Broiler, also for the first time, this animation will be realized in the country where this song was created,” adds DJ Ucho.

Program was enriched by performances from Norwegian artists – Bausa and Blackie.


Crowd Supporters made a musical setting for the biggest multidisciplinary sports venue in the history of Poland – 3rd European Games Kraków-Małopolska 2023.
29 sports arenas did party during whole games.
Mikee has prepared an official animation of the European Games – Dragon Dancing, first ever animation, that consists of the 29 sport identifying poses.


Crowd Supporters prepared special program for the soccer game between Poland and Germany at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw for 56 000 fans.
Program contained live performance of Hands Up Land, Helicopter, and original video content provided by Crowd Supporters.


Crowd Supporters performed with their program during Teqball World Championships Gliwice 2021, and Nuremberg 2022.


Crowd Supporters performed with their program during EURO 2022 Fan Zone Fest at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw.
Crowd Supporters invited musical guests such as; Storo, and Feel to perform during the venue.
Crowd Supporters presented their song „Hej Polska Gola!”, that was produced together with Skytech, and sang by 9 years old AN4TOL.
Hands Up Land performance enriched with a ballet show, and violinists will be remembered by fans for a long time.


Crowd Supporters have produced the most important sports venue in Finland – FIS Nordic Ski World Championships Lahti 2017.

Contract included the World Cup 2016, and WCH 2017.

World Cup in Ski Jumping – Lahti Ski Games 2016, which took place on 19th-21st of February 2016 in Lahti, Finland. The event was at the same time the last test before the Nordic World Ski Championships which will be organized next year in Lahti.Crowd Supporters will come back to Lahti in 2017 to realize the sport entertainment for the Nordic World Ski Championships.

Lato Zet i Dwójki

Crowd Supporters performed on one of the well known summer event’s in Poland – Radio Zet and Polish TV event. Duo have performed their biggest hits including Spacedance, Rollercoaster and together with the audience, Crowd Supporters have presented each artist in the rythm of Crowd Supporters presentation.

You can find performance of Crowd Supporters HERE


Crowd Supporters have produced the  PGNIG Polish Handball Cup Final Four.

Crowd Supporters were responsible for: preparing event’s screenplay as well as realization of final day (3rd place match and final); preparing audiovisual concept of final day; preparing and realization of audio system and lightning system; realization of multimedia and lightning system in VIP area.

During the event, the name of officiall EHF European Championships 2016 mascot was presented. According to online voting, HIGH FIVE was presented as officiall name. Poland will be host of EHF Eurohanball Championships 2016.

Watch the video


Crowd Supporters produced tournament which was the last test event before World Championships in Ice Hockey Division IA, which will be host in Tauron Arena Kraków (Poland) on 19th-25th April 2015. EIHC Toruń 2015 was an international ice hockey tournament with participation of four national teams, including Poland.

Sport production strategy included, e.g., creation and implementation of new sport entertainment format for ice hockey, production of opening and closing ceremonies, preparation of VIP area.

Crowd Supporters have entertained their programme dedicated to this event during Polish National Team games. Other matches were served by DJ Dawid from Crowd Supporters Academy.

See material of

SOCHI 2014

Crowd Supporters were invited by Organizing Commitee of the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 to create a sport entertainment on RusSki Gorki Venue, on which ski jumping and Nordic combined were played.

Almost 100 000 people from all over the world enjoyed Winter Olympic Games together with CS.

Crowd Supporters worked on first ladies ski jumping competition in history of the Olympic Games, and in order to add splendor to this event, Crowd Supporters prepared special artistic programme which included special music and animations for audience.


Founded in year 1904 Ski-Club Partenkirchen invited Crowd Supporters to organize sport entertainment of the best known, and one of the most prestigious sports venues in Germany, Four Hills Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The competition is organized on the same stadium as Winter Olympic Games in 1936.

‘Grosse Troete’ programme was presented in front of 21 000 spectators in fantastic Bavaria.

Franz Grabo (SCP Board of Directors) said: “They provided annual high profile New Year’s Ski Jumping Event in GaPa with an excellent entertainment support programme. They maintained a great rapport”

The New Year’s Competition has large TV audience, which in Scandinavian countries is even 80% of whole tv audience at time of the event.


Organizing Committee of FIS World Championships in Nordic Skiing Val di Fiemme 2013 ordered to Crowd Supporters production, and entertainment of the venue. Implementation of concept started in 2012 during World Cup in Ski Jumping in Predazzo.

Words of praise to work of Crowd Supporters were given by Sandro Pertile, marketing director of the event, who said about unique concept of entertainment and event marketing:
“The target was to create a sports event that fans will be an active part of, tasting the international show connected with local aspects. The concept was approved by fans from around the world. We received many positive opinions and comments, while Crowd Supporters developed and promoted a new style of entertainment at sports events that should be introduced in any sports event. To guarantee fans emotions, something more than just sport is needed”.

ZDF about Crowd Supporters concept: Movie

Das Erste about Crowd Supporters concept: Movie

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup

In 2011, at the request of the Organizing Committee of the Fiemme 2013 Nordic Ski Jumping World Cup, we developed a setting and event marketing strategy for the Predazzo 2012 Ski Jumping World Cup. It was a dress rehearsal for the Nordic Ski World Championships held a year later.


Zakopane Ski Jumping World Cup


Sport entertainment in polish sport started in 2002 year, when Michał „Mikee” Sieczko convinced International Ski Fedration (FIS) and Tatra Ski Federation (TZN) authorities
to change image of ski jumping. He proposed to use event marketing, in order do bring sport entertainment and sport show into sport events.

FIS agreed to install 60 000 watts of PA system, stage for the entertainers, and artists, and unique artistic programme for the spectators.

Since 2003, many big companies became sponsors of the White and Red Wonderland, f.e. MILKA, KREISEL, CONTEX, GEFCO, BLACHY PRUSZYŃSKI, SUPERBET etc.

Crowd Suppporters realized many unique projects, f.e. Bear Project, Flag Record, and man

Crowd Supporters & Zakopane Fans made a special greetings to Austrian ski jumper Thomas Morgenstern – Movie

In addition, concept included charity action – Project Bear in cooperation with Special Olympics.

In year 2009 Mikee invited Darek “DJ Ucho” Ślęzak,
who already was well know as a sport entertainer of Beach Soccer, beach volleyball in Stare Jabłonki or volleyball team Skra Bełchatów. Since then, they’ve started to work
as a duet and in 2012 they’ve decided to launch
Crowd Supporters project.